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Tourney of Daffodils (3rdAnnual) Rules:

The main activity will be our Tourney of Daffodils, it is in honor of Spring and the St.  Catherine.  We would like to stress that this Tourney will be ideal for fighters of all levels as well as members of Chivalry.

This year the format is different then past at the request of those who attend in years before.

10 Deaths Elimination Tourney, as numbers decrease it will change:

  • (last 10-8 fighters) to barrier tourney (doubles to singles)
  • the last two standing with lives left will determine the winner viva the barrier or as they choose to dwindle their lives down.

We also plan a group melee tourney (triad teams) if numbers permit and for the fun of those that miss the start of the tourney.

Armor inspections will start at 9:00am, authorizations will be done as needed before the start of the tourney. If you are interested in helping marshaling this tourney please contact Event Stewart.