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Proposed Shire of Midland Vale Heraldry

Q1 2015 Seneschal Report

Name & Device has passed East kingdom and has moved to the college. The group has elected to change part of the name form Midland Vales to Midland Vale, since the heralds could find record to a Midland Vale but not Vales.

We lost two members to neighboring groups due to change s in there job locatoins. One moved into Rusted Woodlands care and the other Northern Pass.

We have our event planned for April 25th, will be a Royal attended event. Had some issues wihth Fighting Marshals but Tanaka and Sir Gui have volunteered to assist me (now Marshal in training) and our current Knight Marshal. We have worked with our sponsoring shire to get the permit for the site and the funding for the food. We are eager to have our event.

A few members of the shire have be polled for awards.

Generally our shire is growing active, more inactive members are speaking up and coming to meetings and our planned event.

I think we are looking strong to maintaining a solid Shire.

-Marx Grob von Appenzell
Acting Seneschal