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Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth

A Great Success …

Members of the Populace of the East Kingdom came to our Shire of Midland Vale from far and wide Saturday, April 28, 2018 for the fourth annual Tournament of the Daffodils.

Heavy Weapons Combat, Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth

… On and Off the Field

Participants gathered on the field to test their mettle in contests of heavy weapons, fencing, and thrown weapons. Youth fighters also gathered to hone their skills.

Youth Fighting, Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth

Our Populace Choice Arts and Sciences competition was a great success, with more than a dozen entries displaying the best work of artisans from our Shire and beyond.

A New Site

This year our Tournament moved from its original home at Fancher Davidge Park to our current event site at Circleville Evangelical Presbyterian Church. About 100 participants came to see what our Shire has to offer, from Lord Alasdair Campbell’s delicious dayboard to our enthusiastic bardic circle.


And the Winners Are …

The winners of the Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth, are:Daffodils

Heavy Weapons

Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver


Brendan Firebow

Thrown Weapons

William the Alchemist

Arts and Sciences

Anastasia Paoletti

Youth Armored Combat

Alaxander the Mountain

Youth Thrown Weapons


Overall Tournament Champion

Anastasia Paoletti, for demonstrating her skills in fencing, thrown weapons, and arts and sciences