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We are getting a facelift!

Greetings Known World!

We apologize for it being so long since we have written you; things have been hectic for everyone. But, fear not for this too shall pass! And during this time of change we have decided to give our little piece of the world an overhaul. As the new Web Minister I wish to give us a fresh coat of paint for all to admire.

Over the next few days their will be up-to-date information for the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

In service to the East,

Sir Hassan ibn Abd’ al-Malik

Web Minister/ Shire of Midland Vale

Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth

A Great Success …

Members of the Populace of the East Kingdom came to our Shire of Midland Vale from far and wide Saturday, April 28, 2018 for the fourth annual Tournament of the Daffodils.

Heavy Weapons Combat, Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth

… On and Off the Field

Participants gathered on the field to test their mettle in contests of heavy weapons, fencing, and thrown weapons. Youth fighters also gathered to hone their skills.

Youth Fighting, Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth

Our Populace Choice Arts and Sciences competition was a great success, with more than a dozen entries displaying the best work of artisans from our Shire and beyond.

A New Site

This year our Tournament moved from its original home at Fancher Davidge Park to our current event site at Circleville Evangelical Presbyterian Church. About 100 participants came to see what our Shire has to offer, from Lord Alasdair Campbell’s delicious dayboard to our enthusiastic bardic circle.


And the Winners Are …

The winners of the Tournament of the Daffodils, the Fourth, are:Daffodils

Heavy Weapons

Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver


Brendan Firebow

Thrown Weapons

William the Alchemist

Arts and Sciences

Anastasia Paoletti

Youth Armored Combat

Alaxander the Mountain

Youth Thrown Weapons


Overall Tournament Champion

Anastasia Paoletti, for demonstrating her skills in fencing, thrown weapons, and arts and sciences


Tourney of Daffodils (3rdAnnual) Rules:

The main activity will be our Tourney of Daffodils, it is in honor of Spring and the St.  Catherine.  We would like to stress that this Tourney will be ideal for fighters of all levels as well as members of Chivalry.

This year the format is different then past at the request of those who attend in years before.

10 Deaths Elimination Tourney, as numbers decrease it will change:

  • (last 10-8 fighters) to barrier tourney (doubles to singles)
  • the last two standing with lives left will determine the winner viva the barrier or as they choose to dwindle their lives down.

We also plan a group melee tourney (triad teams) if numbers permit and for the fun of those that miss the start of the tourney.

Armor inspections will start at 9:00am, authorizations will be done as needed before the start of the tourney. If you are interested in helping marshaling this tourney please contact Event Stewart.

Hear me!! Members of the Shire of Midland Vale and the Kingdom of the East.

Today, I am proud to be the bearer of good news. (members of shire already saying… no no no… )
You have a new Seneschal, for my tired arms and eyes need to rest and our Deputy Seneschal, true to his character has been elected to his new Title of Seneschal of the Shire of Midland Vale.
I give you Lord Brochmail de Anglespur, awared Burdend Tyger, Queen’s Awards of Esteem, Queen’s Order of Courtesy and member of the Order of the Silver Crescent.
From 1992, till now Lord Brochmil de Anglespur (Jeff Morton) has been in constant service to the people of the East and our Shire.
Please join me in raising a tankard, wine glass, or anything you like (if lady be nice… don’t drop them).
Cheer Vivat! Viviat!!
Lord Lord,
Marx Grob Von Appenzell
“My name is Legion: for we are many.”
St. Mark, 5. 9

The Polls are out in the Mail (snail mail)

To the populace of the SCA in our regional zip codes,

To those of you who are current members as when we pulled the addresses from the HQ database, you will get a poll form. It will contain a stamped envelope and a form. Please feel free to voice how you wish to for the status of our Shire. Be it “Incipient” (not full status) or Full Status as per the eyes of the SCA, it is important that you vote… If we are full status we can start holding our own funds and operations in the SCA. It would be really nice!!!

Please vote and mail back the form,

-Marx Grob von Appenzell
Seneschal Elect – Shire of Midland Vale

Proposed Shire of Midland Vale Heraldry

Midland Vale in the News

The Tourney of the Daffodils on April 25, 2015 was a huge success. Our first event had over 100 members/visitors and a dozen fighters show up and participate in the activities. Also, our shire has been mentioned in a local newspaper. The article was posted by Barbara Bendell of the Time Herald Record with the title of Barbara Bedell: Medieval festival could return in 2016. It is a short read, but it shows how our shire is getting noticed.

Proposed Shire of Midland Vale Heraldry

Q1 2015 Seneschal Report

Name & Device has passed East kingdom and has moved to the college. The group has elected to change part of the name form Midland Vales to Midland Vale, since the heralds could find record to a Midland Vale but not Vales.

We lost two members to neighboring groups due to change s in there job locatoins. One moved into Rusted Woodlands care and the other Northern Pass.

We have our event planned for April 25th, will be a Royal attended event. Had some issues wihth Fighting Marshals but Tanaka and Sir Gui have volunteered to assist me (now Marshal in training) and our current Knight Marshal. We have worked with our sponsoring shire to get the permit for the site and the funding for the food. We are eager to have our event.

A few members of the shire have be polled for awards.

Generally our shire is growing active, more inactive members are speaking up and coming to meetings and our planned event.

I think we are looking strong to maintaining a solid Shire.

-Marx Grob von Appenzell
Acting Seneschal