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Proposed Shire of Midland Vale Heraldry

Event Idea: Claims in the Crown’s land (Shire of Midland Vales)

A new shire has been announced in the Central region by the East Kingdom King/Emperor, other Shires or Cantons have also said they lay claim to the land. This has created a small pockets of conflicts between groups interested in this region. The newly incepted Shire of Midland Vales needs your help or you need to raise and help crush this claim.


There will be a 5 unit teams tourney, Grand team melee, and Shire/Canton Champion tourney. There will also be an archery list and thrown weapons list for for those keen of hunter’s eye to prove who will hunt these lands. Shire of Midland Vales will also host a youth tourney for those how have children interested in the combat arts. We will give an award to the victor of each division of the youth combat lists if they are filled for those to compete.


Choose to attend and confirm the will of our King/Emperor or help those who choose to say otherwise or prove claims to your shire/canton alone.


The newly incepted Shire of Midland Vales will be hold their first event in Orange County, New York. We will be host a site for a day of activities, we will have a site open for a nice day of picnicking with friends and family. If we have interest we will host dancing, and other activities.


Descriptions of Activities:

Five (5) Fighter Teams Tourney and Grand Team Melee:

A group of five fighters will represent one fighting unit. Each group must have a standard and a bearer assign in the group to carry the standard on the field at all times. If your teams banner is dropped to the ground and picked up by another units fighter you will be considered defeated if not reclaimed. The Tourney will be one unit versus another. Double Elimination style tourney. Victors will declare if they are for a specific claim to the lands.


The Grand Team Melee will be all teams on the field, “loose” alliances will be allowed till the remaining units allied are left, then they will be expected to fight till only one unit remains. The Standard of the unit must be carried at all times, it must remain standing till the end of the melee for victory. The Last standing unit will lay claim to the victory on the field. Three rounds will be done, if three different units win, they will face off in a final of the three units finalist to find a victor. Victors will declare if they are for a specific claim to the lands.


Shire/Canton Champion Tourney:

Each participant will be declared as a specific Shire/Canton Champion (each Shire will have a Standard bearer for that fighter or someone will stand in at the point of being announce in the list). Victor will declare if they are for a specific claim to the lands.


Archery and Thrown Weapons Tourney:

Will be held as the Marshals devise, victor will declare their point to a specific claim to the lands.

Other Activities:

Other activities will be determined be determined as they come available and will be announced at the event. If you are interested in hosting an activity please contact autocrat.


***Claims to the Lands of Shire of Midland Vales***:

1- Claim the land as the King/Emperor has declared. Shire of Midland Vales in all rights and proper as defined in their inception.


2- Claim the land as property to a specific Shire or Canton (Another regional territory group).


3- Claim the land as property to the individual or to none (Keep it Crown Lands).


In the end it will be in all good fun, nothing will really change but it will be about the fun of pageantry of the actions and events of those that participate.


Event Idea: Pax Orientalis – A day of fun fighting in the style of Roman Gladiators!

Pax Orientalis – A day of fun fighting in the style of Roman Gladiators!

A single (or double) list, depending on the number of opponents that come for the challenge with Heavy and Rapier each set in a bear pit style match, where the victor stays in the list after the bout.

After the end of each bout, Their Imperial Majesties will have the choice of Thumbs Up, or Thumbs Down for the victor. Thumbs Up, would allow the victor to heal their wounds from the might of His or Her Imperial whim, while Thumbs Down means that the victor must fight the next bout with the wounds gained from the previous bout.

 There would be prizes for most deaths, most kills, best death, an Emperor’s Choice, and Empress’ Choice and Populace Choice. 

It would be Your whim as to whom would like to over see which list at what times, and free to switch between them as You see fit (Rapier and Heavy, that is).

Please know that you do not have to do this event, it was merely an idea. If you don’t feel it is something you wish to pursue, I will not be offended.

Proposed Shire of Midland Vale Heraldry

Website new home


Your friendly shire webminister here with news about the state of the Shire of Midland Vales website. The site has been moved from the old domain to the new subdomain located on the East Kingdom server. Our new website address is .

The change took place earlier this morning and the site has been fully migrated. I have put in redirects from the old domain to point to the new domain so that there is no loss of functionality and error pages.  There will be more changes to come to the overall page and content in the near future.

That is all the news that I have for now regarding the official Shire of Midland Vales website at this time. I hope that you enjoy the wealth of information that this site has and the more information to be posted in the future.


Gerhard Kurz Staple
Shire of Midland Vales Webminister

Proposed Shire of Midland Vale Heraldry

Website Feature Addition


Your friendly Webminister here with an exciting update about the our Shires website. We have added a new interactive feature on our site. The feature is a message board system. The system will allow all users to post and discuss topics about the Shire and SCA in a easy to use format on a East Kingdom Approved communications system.

The forums can be located at the link in the top menu bar and user registration is needed in order to post and reply to other members posts.  Registration is free, and all information asked is required is for registration purposes only and nothing else.

If you are having any issues with registration or login please contact me using contact us form and I will get back to you as soon as possible and help you with your access issues and concerns.

Gerhard Kurz Staple