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Proposed Shire of Midland Vale Heraldry

Heavy Combat: Tournament Draft Outlines

Three Sides to fight for:

Purple – Will of the East Kingdom, “The King has made it so, so it is”
Green – Will of your Kingdom or Shire, “Might is right”
Black – Will of your own Purse, “Keep it as it may, Just give me your valuables”

We plan to have a prize for the victors of each Tourney. Prize donations are welcome.

Individual Tourney 1: (Tourney of Daffodils)

  • Each fighter of the list will receive two tokens, knights/master will receive three, king/queen will receive four.
  • Each fighter will fight best three out of five bouts with each fighter of tourney.
  • The two fighters can define any rules they wish for their bout. eg. Fight a particular form, specific number of “clean hits”, etc. Both fighters must agree to the terms. If not, normal tourney rules apply to the current forms they hold on the field.
  • After the fighters have a victor, 3 wins. Winner is suggested to provide some kind of positive comment to their opponent. eg. Victor may have noticed an opening or a tell that they took advantage of and suggests a way to improve against that opening.
  • Make each fight a positive experience for you and your opponent.
  • After each bout, each fighter will announce their win to the list. We want to tally most victories for each fighter.
  • After each fighter has fought all the other fighters, each fighter will vote via tokens on the tourney victor. They can give all tokens to one fighter or give each token to separate fighters. Your honor defines how you disperse your tokens.
    • Examples of someone earning token: gave good advice to a fighter, the fighters simply had a lot of fun during the fight.
  • After all the fighters have dispersed their tokens, they should count what they have received. Report total to list.
  • Victor will have most tokens.
  • Novice with most tokens will be also noted for prize.

Unit/Melee Tourney 1:
Each unit of 3 or 5 fighters (depending numbers that attend), will have a banner man. This person must carry the banner on Spear or Polearm. Opposite hand can have a sword. Each Units job is to remove the other units on the field. The style of combat is Roman bear-pit with teams instead of individuals. Last banner man standing is the victor, if last team does not have banner they can reclaim it at the end if they are the last team standing. Else banners can be captured, do not stretch your unit too thin.
*Short term alliances are recommended.

Melee Tourney 2;
Woods Battle (if time allows), Stags vs Hunters.

Stags = Two sword fighters (they are all part of one team, protect your flock)

Hunters = Teams of three fighters to make a unit.

Depending on the ratio of Stags verse Hunters, we will determine the number of hunter teams that can go into the woods at one time. This will be a non resurrection melee. The Last side standing wins.


All questions please contact:

Mark Grob Von Appenzell
grobm10 “<at>” gmail “<dot>” com

Looking for Marshals to help with fighting event. Please contact if interested and attending event.